A Little Bit Of France In South America

Welcome to French Guiana!

The tiny country at the top of Brazil makes up one of the trio that forms the Guianas, along with Suriname and Guyana.

An enclave of France, it is still an overseas department and uses the Euro and of course, the official language is French.

With a cosmopolitan capital and mix of idyllic beaches and undisturbed rainforest, this is a special place for any avid traveller.

You can overland through French Gyiana with Dragoman and truly get off the beaten track taking in these five amazing experiences:-

Top 5 Experiences;

  • Sail out to Devil's Island the site of the infamous penal colony that was brought to the world's attention by the hugely succesful book 'Papillion'. The account by Henri Charriere is widely believed to be a mix of personal experience and observations mixed with a certain literary licence, however, it's publication shocked France by pointing a spotlight at a brutality that many had assumed was long gone. Now a haven for wildlife a visit to the island is a unique experience.
  • Another fascinating site on Dragoman's itinerary is the Centre Spatial Guyanais or Space Centre. Established in the 60's it is the primary launch pad for near earth satellites and somewhat ironically, the rockets pass over Devil's Island on their way to space!
  • Take a trip in to the virgin rainforest. Along with their close cousins, Guyana and Suriname, French Guiana has some of the least disturbed tropical rainforest. This a bird and wildlife lovers heaven with numerous species to be found. Due to being hot and humid most of the year this is real Amazon rainforest.
  • Ramp up the rainforest experience by taking a kayak or canoe along the Maroni river for a really special opportunity to spot birdlife and just take in the unique sights and sounds of the forest.
  • Meander around Cayenne, the capital city and indulge in some fine cuisine and wine in many of the excellent restaurants. There is also a mix of Asian (courtesy of Laos refugees in the 70's) and local influences in the food which create an ecletic mix of tastes to explore.

There is much more to discover here so check out the itinerary in Dragoman's trip here!

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