Dragoman launches a new Inca trail Trek

Dragoman launches a new Inca trail Trek

New “Dragoman-only” Inca Trail Trek

Unique community Inca Trail trek becomes Dragoman's flagship Responsible Travel Project


Dragoman, the worlds’ leading overland tour operator, offers a new Inca Trail trek, a unique community project that is an alternative to the standard Inca Trail.


The new “MoonTemple to SunTemple” trek travels through a remote area of the Andes, through small communities and stunning mountain scenery before taking the train to Machu Picchu on day 5.


This is not the first time Dragoman have pioneered an ‘alternative’ Community Inca Trail.


The company was the also the first to follow a route between Huaran and Lares, along which they established their award-winning flagship responsible tourism project, ‘Tarpuy Yachay’, raising funds for local Quechua Indian communities.  Funds raised helped build a school and fund a full time teacher, complete reforestation and other environmental projects as well as providing the local community with a sustainable, regular income and is now self-supporting. 


Now that Tarpuy Yachay is self-supporting, the thirty-two year old operator believes that the time is right to support other local communities in the area.  According to Anki Nordin, Destinations Manager for the Americas, “the new trek bears all the hallmarks of a fantastic new experience whilst being an unexploited trekking route.” The operator hopes to replicate the success of Tarpuy Yachay by providing the Ancascocha community with financial and practical support, again, by rebuilding a local school and helping to fund a full-time local teacher.

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