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Chris Smith

Web Developer

Chris is our resident tech and web guru and brings an incredible amount of technical expertise to the team, enabling us to further refine and develop our systems and website - he has been with us since 2013. 

A Little Bit About Chris

I haven't really done any travelling, but since working at Dragoman it's definitely given me the drive to do so! I've worked here as the Web Developer since mid-2013, and have developed my skills to a whole new level. I'm responsible for everything that happens on the website, and everything that goes wrong with it!

- What is your favourite destination?

I'd have to say Cornwall, beautiful coastlines - and plenty of surfing!

- What has been the most surprising destination you've been to?

Devon or anywhere really on the South Coast! Didn't expect much, but came away with some amazing pictures.

- What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion whilst travelling?

Camping. Anywhere. Love getting away from it all.

- Where is THE next destination on your list?

Ideally i'd like to go to South America next!