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Nick Withey

Nick is from Bristol in the UK and has been on the road with us in West Africa, Central Asia, South America, India, South East Asia, East and Southern Africa and the Nile Route since December 2013.

In April 2018 Nick came away from the road and is now working as Workshop Manager; maintaining, servicing and building the new fleet of Dragoman trucks! Nick also plays a crucial role in developing the trainees on their 8 week training before heading out on the road. With a tonne of mehcanical experience and sound knowledge of the role and expectations himself, Nick supports Dave (Trainee Manager) to make sure each crew member is ready to be on the road!

- If you had to pick a favourite place, where would it be?

There are almost too many to mention! However if I had to choose, I would have to say Patagonia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar and Pakistan.

- What was your most memorable occasion on the road?

I loved my time on the road, the people, the places and the endless experiences.  My most memorable moments generally consist of the challenges I've encountered along the way and how we, as a group have tackled these challenges and come out the other side - it's what overlanding is all about! The destinations are endless and you never know what will happen everyday - it gives off such a buzz and to top it off there is nothing better than a camp fire under the stars to cap off a perfect day.

- What was the most essential item in your backpack? 

Cable ties, bungee cords and wet wipes - you'd be surprised how much they come in handy!

- What piece of advice would you give to future trainees?

Be positive and enjoy every minute. Everything is a learning curve and you really will learn a lot. You have a great opportunity ahead of you so just keep your ears open and your mind focused and we will help you to be an excellent crew member.