Alexandre Bilodeau Desbiens

Alexandre Bilodeau Desbiens

Prior to Dragoman, Alex spent the previous 4 years traveling around the world, working wherever and whenever he needed to keep going!

- Why did you become Dragoman crew?

When you’re passionate about something, it can’t get much better than being paid to do it. My passion is travel, and now I am lucky enough to do it and share it with a bunch of other passionates!

- What's your favourite destination?

Georgia has a very special place in my heart. Not only its food, wine culture and history are great, but it is also filled with spectacular landscapes and majestic mountains. Add one of the most generous and welcoming people in the world and you can’t go wong!

- What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion on the road?

Three weeks on the road I broke a tooth in Uganda. I guess I should have braced myself...

- What's the most essential item in your backpack?

My knife. Or a really good book. Tough choice.

- What is your one piece of advice to future overlanders/passengers?

There is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and end up amazed at what you are actually capable of. There is nothing you will remember more vividly. Nothing you will be prouder of. Seek the adventure!