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Johan Dane

Johan, from Ermelo in the Netherlands, has been on the road with us in India, Central Asia, the Nile Route and East and Southern Africa since September 2015.

- What did you do for a living before becoming crew? 

I've always been a truck driver, driving all around Europe!

- Why did you become Dragoman crew? 

I love driving and travelling, and overlanding is the best possible way to combine these two things.

- What's your favourite destination? 

I've been lucky enough to have done a trip to Bhutan with Dragoman, which was amazing.

- What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion on the road?

Being a new crew member and being contracted out to India makes for a very interesting start! Also, driving in the mountains of Bhutan was challenging at times, I loved it!

- What's the most essential item in your backpack? 

My mp3 player - we can't go through a day without some music!

- What is your one piece of advice to future overlanders/passengers? 

Keep an open mind, and don't plan too much!