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Adam Thomas

Adam, from Cheshire in the UK, has been on the road for us in South America since July 2016.

- What did you do for a living before becoming crew? 

Before Dragoman I worked for STA Travel.

- Why did you become Dragoman crew? 

Although I worked in the travel industry, I wanted to work while travelling which is essentially what working for Dragoman offers - a lifestyle where work and leisure are combined.

- What's your favourite destination? 

My favourite destination so far has to be crossing the Bolivian Altiplano - battling the cold, altitude ansam    d dirt roads, this felt like a true overlanding experience and it was an incredible adventure passing alien landscapes and beautiful lakes. 

- What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion on the road?

My favourite moment was reaching the top of the pass on day two of the Wild Andes trek and being blown away by the view and the silence up there.

- What's the most essential item in your backpack? 

The most essential item in my backpack is my thermals, I could live without the rest.

- What is your one piece of advice to future overlanders/passengers? 

Travel with an open mind and be ready to learn, adapt and change. Always remain positive - there are positive aspects to every situation!