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Zara Charity - Tanzania

Zara Charity is a non profit organisation founded in 2009 for vulnerable groups in Tanzania. Zara’s vision is to unite volunteers with various projects to enhance community economic development. They also look to improve living conditions particularly for women and children and the porters who climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, whilst maintaining its core values of environmental conservation, sustainability and employment creation.

Zara Charity also partners with the Mount Kilimanjaro Porter’s association which ensures that the porters are treated fairly and have the right equipment including clothing and health insurance. The association provides the porters with free classes in managing money, first aid training and free English lessons.

The project that involves Dragoman's travellers is Zara’s Sustainability Campaign offering tourists the opportunity to make a difference to the communities they visit by getting actively involved planting trees.  Planting trees makes a positive and long lasting difference to both the host community and the world at large. The project has a tree nursery where Zara propagate fruit trees including mangoes and avocados which are then planted on around the communities so that everyone can reap the benefits.

The project that will involve Dragoman's travellers will be its Sustainability Campaign allowing tourists to plant trees connecting them with the land so that they not only enjoy their adventure but also made a positive and long lasting difference to the host community and the world at large. The project includes a tree nursery where Zara grow the smaller fruit trees including mango and avocados which are then planted on for everyone to reap the benefits.

Julie Gabbott, our Wanderlust tour leader of the year, visited the project in 2018. During her visit Julie met Mama Zara and commented on what a wonderful lady she is and what an amazing charity that they have there. Their group each planted a mango tree in the community which will be fruiting in 6 months. It was a great experience and the group enjoyed this very much.

After winning Wanderlust Guide of the Year 2018, Julie allocated half her prize fund - £2,500 – to the Zara Charity to support them in their work.