Responsible Travel Projects


At Dragoman we recognise our obligation to operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable manner. We aim to respect the environment, culture, societies and religions of the communities and areas that we visit and we encourage all our staff to take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism. We specifically train our tour leaders in the philosophy and ethics of responsible tourism so that they can put our beliefs into practice for you on the road.

Dragoman Supports is a programme of over 20 projects that we visit or support across the continents that we travel through. Each project is selected for its work in supporting local communities or conservation work and may even involve our travellers getting involved in such activities as planting saplings.

Zara Charity - Tanzania

Zara Charity is a non profit organisation founded in 2009 for vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

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Water To Go

Single Use Plastics Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic litter accumulate in our oceans, killing marine life and entering the human food chain.

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Manos Amigas: Guatemala

Manos Amigas is an organisation in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala that works with women and children who have been victims of violence or abandoned.

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Tarpuy Yachay Wild Andes Trek: Peru

Our flagship community-based tourism project in South America, this is Dragoman’s unique alternative to the Classic Inca Trail.

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Karmi Farm Health Clinic - India

Karmi Farm Clinic is located in North Eastern India near Darjeeling, at the foothills of the Himalaya on the Sikkim border.

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New Hope Charitable Trust - India

The New Hope Charitable Trust supports a series of initiatives in the Odisha Tribal Region north of Chennai in South East India.

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