Why Travel With Dragoman?

01 We genuinely get you off the beaten track

Our specialised trucks can reach places other forms of transport just can't reach. Head into the wilds of Kyrgyzstan on the Silk Route, visit the remarkable Rainbow Mountains in western China, cross the remote Amazon basin in Brazil or travel through the Sahara Desert in Sudan. To find out more about Dragoman's iconic orange trucks click here.

02 We get you into the local community

Cultural interaction & real-life local experiences are an integral part of our itineraries & we are committed to numerous responsible travel projects around the world. Experience our unique Community Inca Trail in Peru, spend time with the children of the New Hope Orphanage in India or meet the Reindeer People in Mongolia. To find out more about our responsible travel projects click here.

03 We make the journey as active as you want

Our trips have been carefully designed to offer freedom, flexibility & time to explore. Hike amongst remote Shan villages in Burma, learn gaucho skills in Argentina, trek in search of Gelada in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains or simply relax for 4 days on the beaches of Goa. To find out more about our treks click here.

04 We take time to enjoy the journey

We have honed our itineraries to offer the best of a destination at a considered pace. We prefer to take a few more days & offer a more in-depth experience - spend a week exploring Inca trails & ruins around Cuzco, enjoy a 2 day canoe safari on the Zambezi or take a 5 day guided tour of the Odisha Tribal Region. Slow travel has truly come of age with Dragoman.

History and heritage

Dragoman has huge experience of running pioneering overland tours across the world since 1981, and we remain the world’s best operator of this exciting style of travel. We will genuinely get you off the beaten track and into the local communities with trips carefully designed to offer freedom, flexibility and the time to explore. Dragoman is still independently owned by the original founders and we have some of the best staff in the industry

Responsible Travel

At Dragoman we recognise our obligation to operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable manner. See how we travel responsibly. Dragoman Supports has over 20 field projects and aims to respect the environment, culture, societies and religions of the communities and areas that we visit and we encourage all our staff to take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism. We specifically train our tour leaders in the philosophy and ethics of responsible tourism so that they can put our beliefs into practice for you on the road. To find out more about our responsible travel projects click here.

Award Winners

Dragoman has won many awards including Tour Radar's Adventure Guide of the Year, Wanderlust's World Guide Awards, AITO's 5* Sustainable Tourism Achievement Award and has recently been shortlisted for ~Travel Pride  LGBT Champions 2019. More info about our awards

Core Company Values

These are the things we aspire to and that we uphold under pressure; they are the things that our travellers, partners and staff think and notice about us.

  • Treat all people with respect and embrace diversity in all its forms
  • To operate ethically and responsibly
  • Act with integrity
  • Be passionate about what we do
  • Encourage personal growth & support and encourage each other
  • Enjoy ourselves



Our dedicated staff

Our crew undergo up to 10 weeks intense training at our Suffolk HQ before going out on the road, the most comprehensive training in the industry. Our trucks operate with 2 crew and in certain places an additional local cook or guide. To find out more about our crew click here. In the office, our operations team use their years of experience and local knowledge to create carefully-designed itineraries. Our reservation staff know more about Dragoman trips than anyone else - they will really go the extra mile for you. To find out more about our staff at HQ click here.

The Dragoman family

Travelling with Dragoman is more than just a holiday - it's about meeting other travellers and making life-long friendships. We are like a big family! Dragoland is our Facebook community, where existing clients can keep in touch and new adventurers can ask questions before they go. You can also use it to share plans, memories, photos and generally stay connected to the Dragoman community.

Diversity & Equality

At Dragoman we go out of our way to support LGBT travellers and diversity and equality are core to our values. But it goes deeper than just words and right from the beginning from top to bottom there has been no gender bias within the organisation and even 38 years ago we ran trips along the Silk Road through Iran and other similar countries with all female crew.  We employ a number of LGBT staff and crew and senior management. 


Dragoman Overseas Travel Ltd is a member of the Association of Independent Tour Operators. AITO is an organisation that represents 122 of Britain's best independent tour operators. Dragoman adheres to the high values of quality and service enshrined in the AITO Quality Charter which can be viewed at www.aito.co.uk.