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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we are asked, and have all the answers for you in one place. If there's a question you'd like answered, pop us a message and we will add it to the list.

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Pre/Post Trip Accommodation & Transfers

Where can I find prices for pre/post trip accommodation?

You can find all of the prices for the pre and post trip accommodation here – this info is also accessible on each tour page. Please select the relevant spreadsheet for prices in the currency that you require.

All of the prices listed here are per room per night.

We also offer airport arrival transfers in many of the start points for our tours, but as these are paid locally and generally in local currency please contact us for details. Please note that we do not offer departure transfers.

How do I add pre/post accommodation or an arrival transfer to a booking?

If your client would like to add pre and post accommodation to their booking, please collect payment from your client and contact our agent sales representative to request the accommodation. This should be automatically confirmed back to you unless it is during peak periods (such as Christmas or Rio Carnival) in which case we will confirm this as soon as we hear from the relevant hotel.

Will you send me a hotel voucher?

Yes - we will provide you with this along with your client's final documents.

Can my client pre-book upgraded accommodation?

On many of our trips it may be possible to upgrade from camping to a bed or from guesthouse to a hotel, but this cannot be guaranteed before travel. Upgrades can only be booked on the road by crew and are subject to availability.

Trip Prices & Kitty

All prices in the brochure are correct at the time of printing, but may vary during the year. Up to date prices can be found on the website.

Prices shown in this brochure are based on a per person basis, based on shared accommodation where applicable.

Many of our trips involve two payments:

  1. Trip Price which is payable to Dragoman or your Travel Agent before departure.
  2. Kitty payment which is payable to your Tour Leader when you join your trip OR in advance via bank transfer. Please note on a combination trip where your trip is made up of several trips, you will need to pay the kitty in instalments.

Trip Price and Deposit

To secure a booking for your traveller we require you to take a non-refundable deposit.

This is usually 10% of the tour price or £200 (whichever is greater(. Any trip with an Inca Trail, a Gorilla Permit or a W Walk requires a non refundable deposit for trekking permits at the time of booking. Please refer to the relevant Booking Terms and Conditions according to your region. This has a list of ALL applicable deposits and fees.

Where travel is within 56 days of booking, full payment is required.

Final payment to you by the client is due no later than 56 days before they travel.

The Kitty

In addition to the trip price on our Overland trips your client will also be required to pay a kitty as specified for the trip they are taking. 

Each customer joining a trip pays their kitty into a central fund. The fund is then jointly managed by the group and the Dragoman crew.

The kitty is NOT a Local Payment as it is not money that goes to Dragoman. It is a GROUP FUND, and if there is any remaining at the end of the trip, it will be returned to the group. All prices in the kitty are done at COST price to the client. It allows the trip to be flexible and affordable.

Please note:  As kitties are adjusted frequently, they may change after the time of booking. The client MUST check our website, before they leave to go on the trip to see what the most up to date kitty is.

Please make sure you check the website for your up to date kitty before your departure.

The kitty covers things that the whole group does, such as:

  • Hotel accommodation/ campsite fees
  • Meals while camping
  • Activities – eg. National Park entrances, excursions, local guides

Is the kitty price fixed when my client confirms their booking?
No – the kitty price is constantly updated throughout the year due to fluctuations in exchange rates and variations in local costs. It is very important that you advise your client to check the most recent kitty calculation on our website shortly before departure to ensure that they arrive with the correct amount. Their tour leader will confirm the exact amount at the start of the tour.

Where can I find kitty prices on your website?

The latest kitty price can be found in the dates and prices section of each individual tour listed along with the trip price.

How should my client pay for their kitty?

The kitty is either paid by the client direct to the tour leader on day one of the tour or can be fully or part paid into a special "Kitty Bank Account" prior to departure. Please refer to the document linked below:

Kitty Document

The kitty payment will be collected when the client arrives for their trip usually on the first day at the joining meeting. The kitty can be paid in the following different ways:
 • US Dollar cash

 • USD & EUR for select West Africa trips

 • Pre-payment into Kitty Bank Account (as above)

Please note – if your client is travelling on a long combination trip made up of more than one single trip, your kitty will be collected in stages and not in its entirety at the start of the first section.

Guaranteed Departures

What are the minimum numbers required to guarantee a tour?

We have low minimum numbers, which is dependant on the departure and the trip. Generally we will guarantee a trip when 4 passengers are booked on it.

How will I know if a departure is guaranteed?

We guarantee trips on a daily basis depending on numbers. You can see if a departure is guaranteed on our website in the dates and prices section of a particular tour – once the departure is guaranteed it will have a green 'G' next to the departure date. 


How can I found out about the other passengers on the trip for my client?

Information such as males/females, singles/couples and nationalities, as well as trip status and number of spaces available, can be found on the Agent Home Page. Simply type in the trip code under Trip Availability then click through to the specific departure.

Passports & Visas

It is the client's own responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of a full passport with at least 6 months validity from date of your return. You will also need to make sure that they have sufficient blank pages for any visa stamps.

All visa information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct, however requirements/recommendations can change at very short notice.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they have the correct and current information before their trip and to obtain the necessary visas for either entry or transit (i.e. flights through the USA).

For more details please see your trip notes and the website.

It is vital that passengers obtain the correct visas before their travel begins - we wouldn't want passengers to be turned away at the airport. Our trip notes contain all the information passengers need regarding visas and are specific to each tour.

We will arrange any necessary support documents (such as Letters of Invitation) for Dragoman travellers to apply for their visas - we will sometimes require additional information from the passengers which we will request through their travel agent.

How do I know what visas my client will need for their tour?

Please refer to the visa information section which can be found in the trip notes for your client's tour. Please note that visas remain the responsibility of the individual traveller. Visa requirements will always vary depending on where your client is from and where they are going. We keep our visa information up to date as much as possible, but rules do change so it is very important that clients also check with their own local embassy.

Can you provide a Guarantee Letters to assist with visa applications?

Yes - Dragoman has a dedicated Visa Support Administrator who applies for all of the relevant Guarantee Letters or Letters of Invitation that are necessary for your client to obtain their visas. We may request you to provide additional information from your client such as passport scans, family details, employment details, etc.

Trips with Inca Trails

Why is there a higher deposit for tours including the Inca Trail?

This is due to the permits that we have to secure in order to trek the Inca Trail and covers against cancellation costs should a client cancel. Classic Inca Permits are non-transferrable and nonrefundable.

Which Inca Trail Treks do you offer?

We offer a choice of either the Wild Andes Trek (previously called the Community Inca Trail, this is an exclusive route to Dragoman) or the Classic Inca Trail.

The costs for each trek are included in the kitty, but you must advise which trek your client would like to do at the time of booking as permits have to be booked in advance for the Classic Inca Trail and availability can be limited and sell out far in advance of a trekking date. If you do not advise which trek your client would prefer, they will automatically be booked onto the Wild Andes Trek (which has sometimes caused disappointment!).

Click here for more details on the different Inca Trails that we offer.

What if my client does not want to trek the Inca Trail?

If your client would rather not trek at all we can arrange a non-trekking package instead, including an overnight stay in the Sacred Valley and a whole day at Machu Picchu – please note that we will also need to be advised at time of booking if your client would like to take this option. Please ask for the MAPI Package.

Gorilla Permits & W Walk

Why is there a higher deposit for tours including Gorilla trekking In Uganda?

This is due to the permits that we have to secure in order to trek to see the gorillas - the deposit covers against permit cancellation costs should a client cancel. Gorilla Permits are non-refundable.

Why is there a higher deposit for tours including The W Walk In Torres del Paine, Chile?

This is due to pre-booking of guides, trekking permits and mountain accommodation - the deposit covers against permit cancellation costs should a client cancel. These pre-booked costs are non-refundable.

Options & Booking

Can I hold a space on option on a tour?

Yes, you can hold a space on option on any of our tours for 7 days - you can either do this online or by contacting our Agent Sales Representative by telephone on +44 (0) 1728 862226 or by email at agents@dragoman.co.uk

Can I hold an option / book online?

Yes, you can do both. You will need to log in with your agent username and password in order to hold options or book tours under your agent branch. Once you have logged into the website, please refer to the agents' area on our website for full instructions on the online booking process - this can be found by scrolling to the bottom left of the home page.

How do I confirm a booking?

You can either make the booking online or you can contact our Agent Sales Representative in writing to confirm at agents@dragoman.co.uk. You will also need to provide a copy of our booking form completed and signed by your client – you can find a copy of the booking form here. Booking forms can also be found after logging into the agents' area of the website.

Trip Notes

How do I find the trip notes on your website?

You can find the trip notes in two locations on our website. Once you are looking at a specific tour, the trip notes can be found by selecting the relevant departure date from the down menu in either the ‘Map and Itinerary’ section or in the ‘Dates and Prices’ section by clicking on the white square with green arrow against the relevant departure date. Please always forward the trip notes to your clients on confirmation of their booking.

Do you still issue advance info dossiers and trip updates & joining instructions?

No, we no longer have these documents. Our trip notes now take the place of these and all information that was previously found in these documents is encompassed by the trip notes and our overlanding FAQs.

Booking Info

What do I need to do if my client has a medical condition?

Please ensure that your client completes the booking form with full details or their medical condition and any medication they are taking. We operate a self-assessment policy on our tours so please also ensure that your client reads the trip suitability information in conjunction with their trip notes in order to sufficiently self-assess their ability to participate in the tour. By signing the booking form your client is taking responsibility for their ability to complete the trip as described.

Do you have any age limits in place on your tours?

For our overlanding tours we have a minimum age limit of 18 years in place for insurance reasons. We no longer have an upper age limit for our overlanding tours – but we do ask that all travellers read the trip notes and trip suitability information on the booking form carefully in order to self-assess themselves for the tour. For our Family Overland tours the minimum age limit is 7 years and there is no upper age limit.