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Sesriem & Soussusvlei Back

The Namib Deserts are thought to be the oldest in the world, and are between 55-80 million years old. The most famous parts of the Namib Desert are its vast dune fields, the most spectacular of which are found near the Sesriem Canyon and in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. 

The Sesriem Canyon was formed when the Tsauchab River carved a gorge 30m deep into the gravel deposits about 15 million years ago. It is thought that this river once flowed to the Atlantic Ocean but its course was blocked by the encroaching sand dunes. Now the river flows out to the dune fields that stretch for hundreds of miles up the coast, and dries up in a clay pan at Soussusvlei.

The dunes are stunning, with magnificent red/orange tones from the brightly coloured sands - they are the highest sand dunes to be found anywhere in the world and are home to a plethora of animal life. The sight of the graceful oryx wandering along the base of these massive dunes is beautiful to see. We get the chance to appreciate the area in all its glory on a sunrise climb to the top of  Dune 45 - a star-shaped dune at the 45th kilometre marker from the Sesriem gate, standing over 170m tall above the ancient desert. This is without doubt the best way to take in the landscape, and watching a sunrise there is an ethereal and unforgettable moment!