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Dawson Back

Dawson City is a small town in the Yukon province that was the centre of the famous Klondike Gold Rush between 1896 and 1899. After word spread to San Francisco that gold had been discovered in the Klondike region, a massive migration of around 100,000 gold prospectors flooded to the area to seek their fortune. Dawson City was founded by the prospectors as their main settlement, reaching a population of 40,000 at its peak before most of the inhabitants were drawn away by reports of more gold found in Alaska in 1899.

Despite the drop in population Dawson was the capital of the Yukon province until shortly after the Second World War, when the completion of the Alaska Highway brought about a significant fall in Dawson's economy and the highway's hub at Whitehorse was deemed a more suitable location for the capital.

The town of Dawson today has many visual reminders of its gold-mining past, and it's easy to imagine its original pioneering spirit of the place with its old boardwalks and wooden buildings. No visit to Dawson would be complete without a visit to the incredible Dredge No. 4, an old behemoth of a machine that used to slowly move and mine the gold from the ground. In the tourist season a very popular stop is Diamond Tooth Gertie's, a traditional beer hall with fantastic vaudeville shows on in the evening!