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Salt Lake City is the most populous city in Utah and the state capital. The city is probably most famous as the home and spiritual centre of Mormonism - the city was founded by the Mormon pioneer Brigham Young in 1847 as a place to settle and practice their faith away from the violence and persecution they faced within the boundaries of the original United States. The city is still the church's headquarters and the location of Temple Square, although only around half of Salt Lake City's population now identify as members of the religion.

Salt Lake City is a wonderful skiing destination in the winter, and even hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. In the summer one of the main draws is the fabulous Antelope Island State Park, located on the Great Salt Lake just to the west of the city. The island boasts a desolate beauty and an incredible abundance of wildlife, including large populations of bighorn sheep, pronghorn, jackrabbits, and most famously its vast herds of American bison.