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For most people Colombia is a bit of an unknown, the forgotten part of South America. This makes it a fantastic place to explore. Colombia's geography is one of the most diverse in South America; it really is a kaleidoscope of colour, life and culture. It has an undeserved reputation due to some internal instability in parts, but the warmth of its people and sheer variety of landscapes, culture and activities means that it is worth looking past this to see such a fascinating country.

Colombia is on the beautiful Caribbean coast and the home to some of the best coffee in the world. The culture of fiesta is central to Colombia's national psyche, and it plays host to some of the most fabulous carnivals in the world. Colombia has a very lively nightlife and strong traditions of music and dancing wherever you go in the country.

Colombia is also full of history, with the colourful colonial coastal city of Cartagena and its ruined fort being a big highlight. The country's landscapes are incredible, from the beautiful rugged beaches of Tayrona National Park to the cool coffee plantations of Manizales, the jungles and waterfalls of San Gil, and the mountains of Villa de Leyva.

Colombia's glorious landscapes, fabulous history and upbeat lifestyle is there to be cherished, and there is no doubt it will leave a special mark on your travels.



Tayrona National Park




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