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Karmi Farm Back

Karmi Farm was originally known as Karmi Estate and is the home of the Pulger-Frame family, who have been associated with the area for over 200 years. Ronald Frame was a Scottish tea planter who came to this area in 1950 and met local Deki Pulger, marrying her 10 years later. Ronald managed a tea estate in the area in Darjeeling until 1967, bringing up his young family there - but then the family left India, returning for family holidays over the years.

Today Ronald's son Andrew has returned to Karmi, offering travellers the opportunity to visit the farm and gain a fascinating insight into the lives of the hill farmers who live here and in the surrounding area. The farm itself is spectacularly situated with amazing views and a unique atmosphere, the perfect place for a bit of rest and relaxation. Bird-watching, trekking and sometimes yoga are also all on offer here, depending on your own particular interests.

Karmi Farm charity project

This is a remote area of India, the road conditions are poor and the nearest hospital is a 3 to 4 hour walk away. Even then, that hospital is often under-staffed and regularly has problems sourcing medical supplies. Because of these problems, the Karmi Farm clinic was set up to run as a first-stop medical centre for the local people, most of whom are subsistence farmers, eking out a meagre living from the land - with help from friends in the UK the clinic started up in September 2001. Donations came from friends and guests staying at the farm with volunteer doctors and nurses coming out from the UK.

The clinic today frequently deals with work-related injuries and accidents such as machete cuts, as well as also providing treatment for common conditions like scabies, diarrhoea and conjunctivitis.

For further information on the project and for details of how you can either donate or find out the which supplies you can bring out on your trip for the clinic. Please go to: http://www.nomadtravel.co.uk/pages/charity-project