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Angkor Wat really is as spectacular as all the guidebooks and newspaper articles have led you to believe, and nothing can quite prepare you for your awe-inspiring first glimpse of the temple's five majestic towers!

Angkor (known as Yaśodharapura in ancient times) was the ancient capital of the mighty Khmer Empire, that flourished in the area between the 9th and 15th Centuries CE. Angkor was established in the 12th Century CE, and was the world's largest pre-industrial urban centre during this time. 

Filled with an incredible heritage and a multitude of temples, such as the magnificent Bayon and Na Phrom (famous for being partially enveloped by the surrounding trees), the highlight and centrepiece of Angkor is undoubtedly the phenomenal temple of Angkor Wat. The largest religious site ever built on Earth, it is the most impressive temple within the complex, both in terms of its grandeur and its sheer magnitude. As you approach, the intricacy of the layout becomes apparent, and close up, every nook and cranny reveals itself to be filled with fine detail - around every corner a new feature surpasses the last. Throughout the day the colours of the stone seem to change, the spires golden in the dying light at dusk.