Argentina, Iguazu & Chile Family Overland

Buenos Aires - Santiago

16 days through Argentina, Chile
FROM: $3495 USD
Overland Expedition Vehicle, Flight
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Comfortable Hotel 10 nights
Camping 1 night
Guesthouse 1 night
Breakfasts x 14, Lunches x 2, Dinners x 4
$390 USD per person
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An overland trip with kids is an absolute delight as long as there is plenty to do for everyone. On this trip we combine the sites and sound of the cosmopolitan cities of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santiago with some of the icons of South America. So after the restaurants and high life of BA it's off to the world's most spectacular waterfall, which you will see from both the Argentine and the Brazil sides.

A flight takes us to the far side of the country to the city of Cordoba, where you will meet the truck and head into the beautiful hills, or Cordillera, above Cordoba and into the ranch lands of the Gauchos. Here we stay at a beautiful Anglo Argentine Estancia, called Estancia Los Postreros. This is home to two colourful characters, Kevin and Louisa Begg, who will be our hosts on the very traditional working Estancia, complete with over 150 horses and 600 head of prime Aberdeen Angus cattle.

We then head to the wine lands of Mendoza and cross the Andes, past Mt. Aconcagua, the highest in South America before descending into the plains of Chile and to the beach and surf of Valparaiso for R & R and seafood.

Explore Buenos Aires and catch a Tango show
2 nights to be able to observe the astonishing Iguazu Falls from both Argentina and Brazil
3 night stay in an traditional isolated Argentian estancia with gauchos
Ride beautiful horses in unspoilt location across remote cordillera
2 night stay in the Malbec capital of the world, Mendoza
Drive the Cristo Redentor pass through stunning Andean mountains
View Cerro Aconcagua (6962m) the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere
Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Valparaiso
Explore Chile's capital, Santiago

A very easy trip, with comfortable hotels and loads to see and do. A fairly fast pace, but some 2 or 3 night stays to really give you time to explore

Spend the day exploring the amazing Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side

Discover the unbelievable Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side

Spend 3 unique days at an Anglo-Argentinian estancia to experience the Gaucho way of life

Mendoza Trekking Family

White water rafting on the Mendoza River

Day 1 - Buenos Aires (7th August 2021)

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the lively capital of Argentina!

There will be an important meeting this evening at 18:00 - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more information.

Border Information: If you are flying into Buenos Aires, you will most likely enter Argentina at Ministero Pistarini International Airport, also known as Ezeiza Airport (IATA code: BUE/EZE)

In Buenos Aires we will stay in a comfortable centrally located hotel.

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Daily Activities

Optional Activities

Enjoy a free city tour of Buenos Aires

Tour: Free

Day 2 - Buenos Aires (8th August 2021)
Day 3 - Puerto Iguazu (9th August 2021)
Day 4 - Puerto Iguazu (10th August 2021)
Day 5 - Estancia (11th August 2021)
Day 6 - Estancia (12th August 2021)
Day 7 - Estancia (13th August 2021)
Day 8 - Valle de las Sierras Puntanas (14th August 2021)
Day 9 - Mendoza (15th August 2021)
Day 10 - Mendoza (16th August 2021)
Day 11 - Mendoza (17th August 2021)
Day 12 - Los Andes (18th August 2021)
Day 13 - Valparaiso (19th August 2021)
Day 14 - Valparaiso (20th August 2021)
Day 15 - Santiago (21st August 2021)
Day 16 - Santiago - End Date (22nd August 2021)

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07 Aug 21 Buenos Aires
22 Aug 21 Santiago

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Duration: 16 days Booking Closed
06 Aug 22 Buenos Aires
21 Aug 22 Santiago

$3,640 USD

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Duration: 16 days Booking Closed