Mayan & Aztec Explorer

Antigua - Mexico City

28 days through Guatemala, Mexico, Belize
FROM: $2375 USD + 780 USD Kitty
US Style School Bus, Boat
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Comfortable Hotel 14 nights
Basic Hotel 4 nights
Multishare Hostel 1 night
Camping 8 nights
Breakfasts x 8, Lunches x 8, Dinners x 8
$260 USD per person
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This four week tour will give you an in-depth look at the ancient Mayan civilisation, as well as colonial cities and local villages, and some of the top eco and adventure destinations in Central America. We visit the Mayan sites of Tikal, Tulum, Yaxchilán, Palenque, and we tick off one of the New Seven Wonders of the World at Chichen Itza.

We have time in San Ignacio to take part in the many adventure activities on offer, such as mountain biking, caving and trekking, and we also spend a few days on the paradise island of Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize, where we can relax on the beach, go snorkelling and sea kayaking, or take a flight over the famous Great Blue Hole.

There's also a visit to Manos Amigas, which is an organisation in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala that supports women and children who have been victims of violence.

Explore Mexico city
Tour the Zapotec capital of Monte Alban near Oaxaca
Journey to San Cristobal des casas, the heart of Mayan culture
Head on a boat trip along the breathtaking Sumidero Canyon
Take a boat trip to the remote Mayan ruins at Yaxchilan
Guided tour of the magnificent ruins of Palenque
Guided tour around the famous Chichen Itza
Explore the cliff top Toltec Ruins of Tulum
3 nights on Belize island of Caye Caulker
Stay in a forest eco lodge at San Ignacio for optional jungle activities

This is an easy-going historical and cultural trip, where you'll be staying in hotels most of the time, with some nights camping. Along the way we have chances to take part in some adventure activities if we wish. Drive days are mostly quite short, and the scenery is stunning.

Spend a night at the Manos Amigas community project a centre which has been set up to support local women and their children

Enjoy a beautiful boat ride down the Rio Dulce to the Caribbean town of Livingston

Enjoy a guided tour of the phenomenal Mayan ruins of Tikal one of the greatest ancient sites in the world

Explore the phenomenal clifftop Maya-Toltec ruins at Tulum wonderfully located right on the Caribbean coast

Visit the spectacular Chichen Itza Mayan ruins on a guided tour one of the New Seven Wonders of the World centred around the world-famous pyramid of El Castillo

Day 1 - Antigua (30th April 2021)

Border information: if joining in Antigua, you will most likely enter Guatemala at Guatemala City La Aurora International Airport (IATA code: GUA).

There will be an important group meeting at 18:00 at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this important meeting.

The rest of the day is free to explore the beautiful colonial city and its dramatic surroundings, and to take part in some optional activities. Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Antigua before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Antigua.

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Daily Activities

Optional Activities

Visit the Choco Museum of Antigua learning all about the history of the culinary use of cocoa ever since the Mayan period

Entrance: 120 USD

Visit a traditional coffee plantation in the cool hills surrounding Antigua

Tour: 200 GTQ

Participate in a local handicrafts workshop in a village near Antigua learning traditional weaving cooking or woodworking skills

Visit: 200 GTQ

Learn all about the culture and history of Antigua at some of its museums such as the Museum of Ancient Books and the Museum of Colonial Art

Visit: 30 GTQ

Take a trek up to the famous active volcano of Pacaya near Antigua

Day trek: 59 USD

Visit the old Jesuit church of Santo Domingo an iconic building in Antigua and home to six fascinating museums

Visit: 48 GTQ

Head on a challenging trek up the Fuego or Acatenango volcanoes near Antigua (please note that both these treks are very strenuous and only those in excellent physical shape will be able to participate)

Fuego day trek: 65 USD

Day 2 - Panajachel (1st May 2021)
Day 3 - Panajachel (2nd May 2021)
Day 4 - San Andres Itzapa (3rd May 2021)
Day 5 - Rio Dulce (4th May 2021)
Day 6 - Rio Dulce (5th May 2021)
Day 7 - Poptun (6th May 2021)
Day 8 - Poptun (7th May 2021)
Day 9 - Tikal (8th May 2021)
Day 10 - San Ignacio (9th May 2021)
Day 11 - San Ignacio (10th May 2021)
Day 12 - San Ignacio (11th May 2021)
Day 13 - Caye Caulker (12th May 2021)
Day 14 - Caye Caulker (13th May 2021)
Day 15 - Caye Caulker (14th May 2021)
Day 16 - Tulum (15th May 2021)
Day 17 - Tulum (16th May 2021)
Day 18 - Merida (17th May 2021)
Day 19 - Palenque (18th May 2021)
Day 20 - Palenque (19th May 2021)
Day 21 - Frontera Corozal (20th May 2021)
Day 22 - San Cristobal de las Casas (21st May 2021)
Day 23 - San Cristobal de las Casas (22nd May 2021)
Day 24 - San Cristobal de las Casas (23rd May 2021)
Day 25 - Oaxaca (24th May 2021)
Day 26 - Oaxaca (25th May 2021)
Day 27 - Mexico City (26th May 2021)
Day 28 - Mexico City - End Date (27th May 2021)

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14 Sep 20 Mexico City
11 Oct 20 Antigua

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30 Apr 21 Antigua
27 May 21 Mexico City

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27 Sep 21 Mexico City
24 Oct 21 Antigua

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