Voodoo & Vibes of West Africa

Accra - Accra

21 days through Ghana, Togo, Benin
FROM: $2745 USD
Overland Expedition Vehicle, Pirogue
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Comfortable Hotel 2 nights
Camping 12 nights
Camping without facilities 2 nights
Basic Hotel 4 nights
Breakfasts x 20, Lunches x 14, Dinners x 14
$260 USD per person
Foreign Travel Advice

If you are expecting abundant wildlife and a well developed tourist infrastructure, then you won't find this in West Africa. However, if you are after all things African; colour, music, vibrancy, culture, stunning landscapes, great artefacts, beautiful materials and friendly and open laughter, then you will LOVE West Africa. Ghana, Togo and Benin have all of this in bucket loads. Just check out the local Ghanaian coffin maker and you will understand what we are saying! Great tribal homestays, cool hill hikes to see butterflies, wonderful palm fringed beaches and not forgetting boat trips to stilt villages. Just because we are in West Africa we don't forget the wealth of fascinating history, both indigenous tribal and unwanted western in the form of the Slave Trade. Plus there is still a NP with wildlife including lion and elephant!

Enjoy a fine meal and cool drink in one of Accra's many restaurants
Swim in the clean water of the Volta River
Guided tour of the impressive Akosombo Dam
Enjoy a guided walk around Butterfly Mountain, Mont Kluto
Visit the fascinating double storey mud huts in Tata Somba
Go on a safari in the Pendjari NP in the far north of Benin
Overland through Benin and soak up the local culture
Tour around the Dahomey Palace and museum in Abomey
Stay overnight in the stilt village of Ganvie
Visit the emotional 'Point of no return' in Ouidah

Although this is not a physically demanding trip, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, whether it be the weather, camping or just the lack of infrastructure. But compared to some of other West African countries, travelling in Togo, Benin and Ghana is actually relatively easy and is definitely very rewarding.

Visit Akosombo Dam the colossal 1960s project that provides almost all of Ghana's energy needs and created Lake Volta, one of the world's largest man-made lakes

An evening of energetic drumming and dancing from the local villagers in Mont Klouto

Go on a guided tour of the Tata Somba villages of northern Benin learning about the traditional culture and way of life and visiting their incredible 2-storey 'mud castle' homes

Visit the stunning landscapes of Pendjari National Park famous for being one of the best wildlife reserves in West Africa

A guided tour of the capital of the ancient Dahomey empire including the Dahomey Palace and Museum.

Day 1 - Accra (27th December 2021)

Border information: if you are joining in Accra, then you will most likely enter Ghana at Accra Kotoka International Airport (IATA code: ACC).

There will be an important group meeting at 10:00am at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this important meeting. Your leader will collect your kitty and check your passport, visas, and insurance details at this meeting.

The afternoon will be free to explore the city of Accra.

Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Accra before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Accra.

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Daily Activities

Optional Activities

Visit the famous Labadi Beach situated on the outskirts of Accra

Entrance: 5 GHS

Freely explore the huge Independence Square and Black Star Arch in Accra where independence was celebrated in 1957

Visit: Free

Freely explore the area of Jamestown Accra's oldest district and a vibrant fishing area

Visit: Free

Head to this park which is a memorial to one of the founding fathers of Ghana.

Visit: 5 GHS

Learn all about the history and culture of Ghana in the National Museum

Entrance: 40 GHS

Visit the outside of the famous Osu Castle the seat of power in Ghana since the 1600s

See the outside: Free

Day 2 - Akosombo (28th December 2021)
Day 3 - Akosombo (29th December 2021)
Day 4 - Mont Klouto (30th December 2021)
Day 5 - Mont Klouto (31st December 2021)
Day 6 - Central Togo (1st January 2022)
Day 7 - Tanguieta (2nd January 2022)
Day 8 - Tanguieta (3rd January 2022)
Day 9 - Pendjari NP (4th January 2022)
Day 10 - Pendjari NP (5th January 2022)
Day 11 - Central Benin (6th January 2022)
Day 12 - Abomey (7th January 2022)
Day 13 - Abomey (8th January 2022)
Day 14 - Ganvie (9th January 2022)
Day 15 - Ganvie (10th January 2022)
Day 16 - Grand Popo (11th January 2022)
Day 17 - Grand Popo (12th January 2022)
Day 18 - Agbodrafo (13th January 2022)
Day 19 - Keta (14th January 2022)
Day 20 - Accra (15th January 2022)
Day 21 - Accra - End Date (16th January 2022)

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27 Dec 21 Accra
16 Jan 22 Accra

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24 Jan 22 Accra
13 Feb 22 Accra

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26 Dec 22 Accra
15 Jan 23 Accra

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23 Jan 23 Accra
12 Feb 23 Accra

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Duration: 21 days Booking Closed

Rivka P

Good program - we learnt a lot about the tribes in Togo & Benin, saw many voodoo ceremonies. The heat was not terrible. Everyday we had at least 1-2 walking tours around.

Mike T

I would continue to look for additional options for places of interest and local interaction. These countries lack big banner highlights but this is not Drago's fault.

Tara B

Loved my first overland adventure, I just struggled with the lack of option when we had free time

Julian A

Accra loop is really about the journey not the destination. The journey was what was expected but it needed at least one "wow" destination

Richard P

The trip made the most of what limited attractions and accomodation existing in this part of the world, so it is difficult to see how drago can make improvements.

Ronelle H

Always a wonderful experience with new adventures every day.

Irene P

I have travelled with Dragoman before and have always thought highly of their range of trips, pricing and professionalism.

Mark W

Loved the game drives in Pendjari National Park and the trip to Ganvie.

Owen G

Difficult to say what I enjoyed most as there was so many good things - interesting countries, really nice group, Liz and Tanja (our leaders) were ace.