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Our Fleet - Dragoman Overland

Our Fleet


Rashida joined the Dragoman fleet in 2014 and has been travelling throughout central Asia and India ever since.

With the Arabic meaning of her name as 'rightly guided' or 'knows her own way' she is more than capable of travelling any route given to her.


Rosita has been on the road all over South America since she joined us in 2013. 

From Cartagena to Rio de Janeiro she knows the continent like the underside of her drivers seat.


Sortiri has earnt his place in the Dragoman fleet as one of our most beloved trucks.

He has journed through central Asia and completed the loop of India and Nepal on several occasions.


Sura has seen it all and been to most places in her Dragoman career.

She's currently overlanding in West Africa, so you'll see her on our route from Dakar to Accra.


Tallulah is one of our newest trucks, she first ventured out onto the road mid-2018 and headed straight out to Central Asia and Mongolia.

She's one of our newly designed trucks with increased leg-room and comfier interiors but still the same great overlanding experience.


Tortuga 2

Tortuga 2 is currently overlanding through the South America continent.

From Rio Carnival to the Altiplano of Bolivia , Tortuga has been there and done that.


Xara's regular route is along the Silk Road and out into Mongolia and Southeast Asia.

She's currrently seeing some new scenery as she's been re-deployed to Africa on our Cairo to Cape Town route.


Yana will be found overlanding the roads of South America.

She'll get you from Cartagena to Ushuaia in no time at all!