Planning Your Overland Trip

Preparing for your overland adventure

Whether it’s discussing which trip is right for you, helping to organise your flights and extra accommodation, or giving advice about all aspects of your trip, our team of travel experts are here to help! Just contact us and we will do all we can to assist you in getting ready for your adventure.

Given the uncertainties of travel caused by Covid-19, we have put together a comprehensive set of measures to give our customers confidence in booking and travelling on trips in late 2020 and beyond. The key to these measures is flexibility, safety and financial security. We want you to be reassured that you can travel with confidence with Dragoman.

We are honouring the price that you booked at if you transfer to a departure in late 2020 or 2021.

Booking flights and add-ons


You can easily book your flights with us – we’ll search for the best flights to fit your plan and research the most competitive flight prices. Booking your flights in conjunction with your trip gives you the security of an 'all-inclusive adventure package' and can give you financial protection in the event of disruptions and delays to your plans, such as civil unrest, weather, volcanic ash, etc. Booking your flights with us can save you time as well as money!


Please check here for an equipment list of what to bring with you on your overlanding adventure – or get in touch with us to discuss what to pack!

Health and vaccinations

We advise that you check the latest advice about recommended vaccinations and other health-related matters in the region you are travelling to by visiting you local doctor or travel clinic, and consulting the website of The World Health Organisation or National Travel Health Network.

Dragoman travellers can also receive a 10% discount on all travel vaccinations and 20% on travel equipment offered by Nomad Travel.

Please see here for further information.

Passports and visas

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of your return, and have the correct visas for every country you need them for.

However, we realise that visas can sometimes be a worry, and we aim to help bring as much of the hassle out of the process. Please consult your trip notes for details about the visas needed for your trip, and contact us if you have any questions regarding visas. 

Please see here for further passport and visa information.

Hotels and transfers

To really make the most out of your travels, it’s often a great idea to have a little extra time in your joining and finishing cities to fully explore. We can arrange pre-trip and post-trip accommodation for you, as well as airport transfers for your arrival and departure.


Valid emergency medical travel insurance, including Covid Cover is compulsory on all trips, and you will be required to show evidence of your policy to your crew on the first day of your trip. Although we no longer offer travel insurance we can give you pointers to a selection of insurers who do include Covid Cover – please see here.

Loyalty discount

Travelled with us before? Then you are entitled to a 5% discount on any of our overland trips! Any customers that have been on a trip with us will be eligible for this loyalty discount upon receipt of a completed Post Trip Questionnaire for their trip received via email.

Booking your trip

To secure your booking, we require a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the tour price or GBP200 (GBP400 for trips with the Inca Trail or W-Walk and GBP650 for trips with the Gorilla trek), whichever is greater. Final payment is due no later than 56 days before you travel (or in full for bookings made within 56 days of travelling).

Please see here for a full list of our booking terms.


From balloon rides, white-water rafting, museum visits, treks, cooking classes, to sand-boarding, there will be many optional activities available on your trip that you can participate in! The vast majority of these activities can be booked once on the road through your crew. You can get a list of activities that may be available on your trip notes, and by consulting guidebooks for the area.  


Upgrading into rooms from camping might be possible at various places along the way, but this cannot be guaranteed before travel. Upgrades can only be booked on the road when there is availability – please talk to your crew about this whilst on your trip!


We try to involve the local community on our trips wherever possible, and many of our itineraries include homestays or stays in family-run guesthouses. These are superb ways to experience cultural interaction by staying overnight with local families in their homes, enjoying their hospitality, and witnessing their way of life firsthand.


Don't forget spending money for any optional activities, restaurant meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc.! It is a good idea to have some USD in cash that can be exchanged almost anywhere in the world, and a debit or credit card to withdraw money at ATMs (please also remember to inform your bank where you are travelling, so that they don’t block your card!).