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Offers on Gear

25% discount at Water-to-Go

At Dragoman, we are committed to the reduction of plastic waste and for this reason we actively encourage our customers to use refillable water bottles and the drinking water supplied on our trucks. However, there are times on our trips when our customers will not have access to drinking water from the truck and for this reason we have teamed up with Water-to-Go, who sell refillable filter water bottles, to offer Dragoman customers a 25% discount on Water-to-Go bottles and filters. Just use the code DRAGOMAN25 at the following link: www.watertogo.eu/dragoman


10% discount at Nomad

Nomad has pioneered the art of travel preparation since 1990, combining a travel clinic, travel pharmacy, screening clinic & kitting out service that is unique in the UK. They've built the go-to health service for travellers to ensure you're prepared for any trip – whether trekking a jungle, driving across the desert or hiking the Himalayas, they can guarantee that you'll leave Nomad Ready. 

We’ve been working with Nomad since 2000 to offer Dragoman customers 10% off kit and equipment purchased at Nomad online or in-store, and 10% off all Nomad vaccinations at any Nomad Travel Clinic. Use the code DRAGO1001 at online check out at point of booking, or quote over the phone to the Nomad call centre.


15% Discount at Cotswold

We also have a great discount scheme with outdoor equipment and clothing specialists Cotswold. All customers booking a trip with us can claim 15% off any purchase, in store or online. This discount can also be used at Snow+RockRunners Need, and Cycle Surgery.