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For thousands of years Central Asia has been the stomping ground of true travellers. When the traders of the Silk Road began to traverse between continents, passing rich commodities between Arabian aristocrats and Asian merchants, they became the world’s first overlanders.   Weaving through the ages in the same manner it winded across the desert sands, the Silk Road shaped the course of history forever. Today the caravans of camel and cloth are gone, but the intrigue for modern wanderers lives on.     From Kyrgyzstan to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, the curious collection of nations that make up Central…

Overlanding is by far one of the best ways to explore India, a country that gets under your skin like no other on earth! Here's 30 of our all time favourite photos from our epic 82 day India adventure around the whole of India.

Back on the Camel Trail. In the last two weeks we have crossed the border into Uzbekistan, watched the silk carpet making process, camped out with camels in the desert, visited imposing silk road cities, tasted Uzbek wine (hmm), learned to cook Plov (yum) and pondered over spending a small fortune on a handmade silk carpet (eek).  This trip couldn't be more of a contrast from our previous leg in Kyrgyztsan and everyone is in agreement that the two have complimented each other really well and that we are very pleased the energetic hiking & camping section was first and…

The Winner of our annual photography competition is Somenath Mukhopadhyay with his beautiful image titled Painted Visage. We had a tough time picking the winner and there were hundreds of great entries. We loved this image for the soft colours, the culturally interesting aspect and the perfect lighting. The image was shot in West Bengal and Somenath wins a credit for the land price of a trip for two up to the value of £2,000GBP. Congratulations and thank you very much to everyone who entered.    This is the shortlist