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French Guiana, or Guyane, the smallest of the three Guianas, is an overseas department of France that was first occupied by French traders in the 17th Century. French is the spoken language, the country uses the Euro as its currency and as you may expect, you'll find great French Cuisine and ample French wine.

As the smallest country (32,500 square miles) within South America, there is plenty to bring visitors here though tourism remains in its infancy. Vast areas of undisdrubed rainforest is home to a myriad of animal and birdlife.  The development of the country is in the main, the coastal strip, where you'll also find the European Space Agency's launch site in Kourou, and the Capital of Cayenne (so named after an Amerindian Prince) sitting on a peninsula at the mouth of the River Cayenne. Amerindian and Maroon people live in the interior of the country, and not far from Cayenne is a settlement of Hmong refugees from Laos who established a town here in the 1970's. 

Due to its equatorial position, the climate here is humid, with an average temperature of 28'C, you can expect rain at any time of the year.