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Guyana, the only country of South America to speak English, is certainly one of the continent's best kept secrets. It is possible to step off the gringo trail and engage with local people, who are friendly and fascinated to meet foreigner. The coastal fringe of Guyana is a lively mix of Dutch and British colonial architecture. 

An unpaved dirt road takes the really intrepid visitors into the Country's interior and all the way to Brazil in the South. Along the way there are jungle and savannah lodges, amerindian and moroon villages and wildlife research stations.It is possible to spend many nights exploring the region, in search of some of the wildlife that inhabits this wild interior. Some of the worlds most impressive and isolated waterfalls are to be found in Guyana.

The currency is the Guyanese Dollar. Guyana's temperature is between 24 and 31'C throughout the year and though warm it is bearable thanks to the river and sea breezes. The wet season runs from May to August and November to January.

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